About me pic edited2Hi, I’m Carissa!  I’m your Portland Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan Stockist!   

I’m originally from North Carolina, but moved to Portland after falling in love with the culture, food and most of all the weather!  Before calling Portland my home years ago, I worked for my mom at her first location of 3 Oaks Studio while attending grad school after graduating from Virginia Tech (woo – go Hokies!).  My mom and I always joked that she’d never allow me to hold another paint brush in my hand ever again after a bad run in with some red paint and my bathroom in high school.  Just imagine it….bright red latex paint all over the walls, ceiling…everything.  It was a sight to be seen, and quite frankly, I never desired nor expected to be handed a paint brush again.  After some training from my amazingly talented mom, I actually started to believe I could be creative and actually paint something.  I started with some frames, then painted my iron bed frame, antique Singer Sewing table (which I will never part from), and have gone on from there!

I’ve been taught by some of the best and have years of experience with Chalk Paint®.  I absolutely love helping you get creative and by sharing my knowledge and expertise, from start to finish, you’ll learn some simple tips and tricks to finish your next project! 

I hope to share my love for all things fun, quirky and colorful with you.  Life is too short to not have a little fun!  I hope that you too can be inspired to create, because after all…if I can do it, you most certainly can too!



Meet my Assistant, Otis – Everyone jokes that he is my little dog and is usually the destroyer of all things beautiful, but now just loves to be involved!