Big Changes are Happening…

As our favorite time of the year rolls around, big changes are in store for The Color Shop.  As some may have noticed, there has been some rearranging happening around the store lately.  With both sadness and excitement, we are welcoming our (and your) favorite shop gal, Molly, as the new owner of The Color Shop next week!  We know this may be an abrupt surprise for all (including us), but life has chosen to take us on a whole new adventure!

I would be remiss if I didn’t give an emotional spiel, as this shop has been my “baby” (baby before the real shop baby).  This shop has not only been a reprieve for me personally, but has been a very special place for my entire family.  Starting with the renovations in 2015, my entire family has put their blood, sweat and even some tears into this shop.

Our first shop window, with one of my favorite pieces I’ve painted (in Florence, of course!) *2015


The first sale was a can of Barcelona Orange; officially starting off the love for funky and fresh color!

My mom and I at the paint bar. Truly a family affair!


My vision for The Color Shop was not only to introduce more color into your world, but to create a place inspiring “creative empowerment”.  I am not a painter by trade, but fell in love with Chalk Paint in grad school and again before leaving my job in 2015 to start The Color Shop.  It was a scary decision and leap of faith into the unknown of what this place would become.  With a LOT of help from my family, friends and our shop gal, Molly, I hope The Color Shop has been a place where you too come to be inspired for your next creative undertaking.

I hope that I have helped you, encouraged you to use a bright and bold color or maybe even simply made you smile – because at the end of the day, that’s what The Color Shop, and quite frankly…life, is all about.  We have been blessed by you, both as customers and as friends.  Because of you and this shop, I am different – better.  On behalf of my family and myself, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support that you’ve shown us over the past two years.  I hope that you will give Molly and her family the same love that you’ve shown us.

Even when it’s scary, in some capacity, “Do what you love”! Create a life filled with joy, love and of course…color!

If you’d like to stay in contact or even follow my newest creative undertakings (what?! I have time for those now?!), please follow my newest page life, love + color !  I hope to continue my Chalk Paint creations, but at least may be a source of hilarity for the chaos that life can sometimes be.

My last day will be this Saturday – I’d love to see as many of you as I can! Stop on by ?



 With love,


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