Hello, Portland!

Hi there, Portland (and everyone else)!

I think the best thing about choosing to be in a more creative profession, is that I can stop pretending I understand technology!  Yesterday I spent hours working on this website and a new blog post for ya, but somehow killed the website all together.  It was a sad, sad Monday y’all.  BUT – here is Wednesday…and we are back up and running, so let’s try this again!

We are exactly TWO WEEKS (from yesterday) away from fully opening our doors as The Color Shop.  Can you believe it?  The option of opening The Color Shop came as bit of a surprise to me, and I never honestly thought I’d be given this amazing opportunity.  I had a really difficult time picking a name, but the one thing I wanted to convey was my love of color.

My first bigger project done on my $5 yard sale, 10 year old nesting tables. I finished this in a few hours!

For the longest time, I struggled with being very insecure (meanie little bullies).  I went through a phase where I wore very plain clothing; almost completely lost my creative drive.  My mom (and her eclectic, lovely nature) would always call me out on it.  At the time, of course I rolled my eyes as most teenage girls do but as I got older I grew to understand what she meant.  I wasn’t being true to myself and who I am; so as I’ve gotten a bit older, with a bit of help from family and friends, I now wear yellow…and purple and a bunch of other colors/prints/what have you, sometimes all at the same time.  My husband laughs sometimes, but you can’t not smile when you’re wearing yellow – let’s be real.  There is something about a pop of color (or four, depending on who you are) that can brighten your mood, give you a little bit of courage or push us to become who we really are.

I truly hope that The Color Shop can help inspire you, make you want to create something new for your home, try a new color or get a little funky with a new print or stencil.  It may seem silly at first, but the confidence you find from redoing a $5 set of tables at a yard sale into something amazing for your home…well, that might just change you.

so look forward to meeting you and seeing all that you create, Portland!


  • Myself, and some other local Chalk Paint® stockists will be at Junk Bonanza THIS weekend!  Stop by, learn a little, play a little and meet me and the others!
  • We will be doing some renovations next week to prepare for the Grand Opening on Tuesday, October 20!  During this time, we will be available during regular business hours (Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am – 4 pm) to call for paint emergencies.  If you need paint, give us a call!  On October 20, we will be fully open and wanting you to see what we’ve done!



P.S. – My next post will be all about why I say, “if I can do it…you definitely can”…so stay tuned!  (I may even include a fun little pumpkin recipe for all you fall lovers out there, so check it out!)

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